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ECommerce (Web Development)

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eCommerce (Web Development) Packages

  • Easy to Use Admin
    :Not much technical knowledge required
  • Password Protected
    :Admin Interface
  • Ability to Add / modify / delete Categories, subcategories
    :Related Information
  • Add/ modify / delete products
    :Related Information like Price, Image, Description, title, model number, stock, etc.
  • Ability to place a single product
    :Multiple Categories
  • Ability to Add / modify / delete Manufacturer
    :Name and Logo, which can be displayed on the product page
  • Ability to Manage
    :All Type Static Pages (like about us, terms and condition, etc.)
  • Inventory Stock Management
    :Product Level
  • Order Management Features
    :View the Order Information and Change in Status
  • Invoice
    :Generation and Printing.
  • Content Posting
    : Text, Image and/or Video
  • Ability to Checkout
    : Without Account Guest Checkout) OR One Page Checkout
  • Customer able to create wish list
    : Yes
  • Banner Management
    : Yes (Add Banners from backend at predefined places)
  • Real Time Shipping Rates
    : Yes (for the customer to choose from UPS, USPS, Fedex, etc)
  • Cross Selling – Upselling
    : Yes (Showing a Product Y when a user is browsing Product X)
  • Quantity Discounts
    : Yes (Offer Discount on multiple quantity purchases)
  • Multiple Admin Accounts with Permission Module
    : Yes (Can be used to give access to only specific section of the backend)
  • Free Andriod App
    :Yes (Pre-Created Ready Made App which we can just change the Logo and Colur, and ready to be uploaded to the Google Play App Store)